The Age of Sentiment report


Emotions are running high in a world where notions of age, gender, privacy, reality and currency are being redefined amidst socio-political polarisation. It’s emotion that dominates the conversation around all sectors of the style industries, including how we harness technology and sustainability.

In our latest trend forecast, we explore the Big Ideas shaping the next 2 years with a focus on the Style Industries.

For businesses and end users, this has created a space to redefine creativity, individuality and human values. And to successfully tackle this evolution, brands need to understand how a new shared story is being written.

Self expression, Activism and Moral Business drive new paradigm shifts illustrating our natural instinct to search for meaning as a species.

In our globalized society where one size no longer fits all, the choice to be transparent is a priority for global and local communities. And in the era of fear mongering, massive data breaches and perilous climate change, empathy towards others and our planet have never had as much of a voice.

The 3 Directions are:


Sub chapters Total Inclusion, New Majorities, Self Expression, High Low Culture


Sub chapters Upgrade and Regeneration, Polarised Worlds, The New Common Story, Perceptions of the New


Sub chapters Awakening feelings | Befriending the 4th Industrial Revolution, Embracing Waste, The Greater Good

The trend report deliverable is in high resolution PDF format and contains:

  • Directions and insights with credits and text, including hyperlinks

  • Executive Summary

  • Key takeaways from each section

Fields of research include:

  • Fashion & Beauty

  • Sports & Gaming

  • Art

  • Sustainability

  • Socio-Politics

  • Technology & Science

  • Media & Culture

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  • Top Image credit: Corey Olsen