Flowers are delicate yet powerful, therapeutic, romantic. They bring poetry into our everyday. In a world often seen through a screen, how can we experience the pleasure of Nature and Art in our digital space? 

You can now replace the ad banners on your screens with Nature and Art created by fashion label PIGALLE, dj LOCCO DICE, Street artist HOXXOH, Tatoo artist HANK SCHIFFMAKER and myself, in collaboration with the GREEN GALLERY  and the Dutch Flower Council. 

The Green Gallery Green Screen completely transforms the experience of being on the Internet through unique Flower Art. It brings the joy of being surrounded with flowers and nature into your everyday digital experience. Flowers reduce feelings of stress and are known to enhance your creativity. I hope you will love this project as much as I do! - Geraldine

Shot by Milou van Hoof_Geraldine Wharry
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BST_Milou van Hoof_Geraldine Wharry_01-LR.jpg
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