Press Play embodies a humorous sphere of design, successfully combining post modern influences with modular design structures. This trend is seeped into toy design and explores theatricality, drawing on the spontaneous quality of performance and music.

We look at a mixture of adult naivety and a curated unkempt aesthetic. Incorporating humour into the everyday is key as well as addressing deep human concerns on how we approach death and spirituality. So although it’s playful and taps into the naïve, it doesn’t ignore serious issues, it proposes a new way to look at them. 

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The focus is on modular layering with lines being asymmetric and running across and making the silhouettes look off kilter or twisted. What is key is the way the garments look like they have been reassembled. However it’s not DIY, it’s quite clean and intentional. The styling takes its nod from sportswear in terms of incorporating sneaker inspired footwear, stripe placements on tees but really moves it into a contemporary aesthetic. 

Press Play references a combination of trends coming to the forefront in a rounded aesthetic combining hacked objects, geo patterns and colour blocking, with the freedom of customizable and convertible design and the spontaneity of childhood, seeking to celebrate serendipity and unpredictability into currently formatted ways of dressing, using everyday objects or finding information on the internet.

1. Geraldine Wharry forecast SS 16 | 2. Le 21eme - Adam Katz Sinding | 3. Edward Curtis - BA Hons Fashion Design Technology, London College of Fashion | 4. Oskar Schlemmer - Ballet | 5. Introducing - Tina Chou | 6. The Swedish School of Textiles SS15 | 7. Exclusive editorial shot by Lorenzo Vitturi for KENZO