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To relentlessly question and study the way we pursue design whilst creating commercial opportunities for brands and institutions.  


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I help brands grow in depth of vision and product design. My role comes in as a facilitator of change, enabling my clients with research and strategies that inspire products. I analyse amongst other factors the aesthetic, manufacturing, lifestyle, cultural and market shifts set to shape the future and work with companies to propel their thinking and product forward.

Where would you like to see progress and transformation with your organisation?

Do you need short-term direction or want to invest in a longer-term development plan? See what resonates with you and if you would like to mix and match, or have other ideas of what you need, let's create that choice for you. Need my help defining what it is you need? Let's talk at

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Companies involve me in their trend research and predictions, PR initiatives and innovation workshops as an added/ on request level of expertise. I deliver insights through speaking engagements and tailored reports. 

As a fashion designer, I also work with companies on their creative and design direction. This permeates into their brand strategy as well as their internal processes. 



I speak at events as well as lecture at Universities. Presentations revolve around what is shaping the future of fashion as well as the methodology of forecasting trends. Recent talks have been: 

> Trend Methodology Seminar to integrate long term trend research methodologies. 

> Trend forecasting for Sustainability to measure the threats and opportunities within the role of trend forecasting and how it can shape the sustainable model and circular model. 

> Understanding trends and how to maintain originality for brands who want to channel the power of trend foresight whilst maintaining their uniqueness. 


Starting at £1400*

My research and analysis gravitates around two focal points of expertise delivered in reports or other formats:

> Design for the future wearer immerses you in the story telling and facts around concepts, colour, textiles, materials, end user behaviours and cultural shifts set to impact the style industries. This is where we can predict aesthetics and market shifts 1 to 5 years ahead.

> Futurist mindset for the innovator propels you forward into macro trend scenarios around society, technology, culture and design in the next 5 to 10 years. This is where we dive into blue sky thinking and can lay the foundations of the longer term future. 

* Prices may vary



Companies collaborate with me as a futurist and fashion designer who can be their advisor for brand and design direction. I become a strategic partner available to bring:

> Clarity for the collection's trend direction, design and assortment of products. This involves making sure the brand d.n.a and strategy is defined.  

> Strategic consultations on Creative direction, Market positioning, Brand personality and Values. Here we map out a strategy through sessions and follow ups. Workshops are also a good solution for this process. 

> Solutions on internal company methodologies and team workflow to streamline the critical path from concept development to product deployment. 




Brands and individuals want to know how to integrate foresight methodology into their practices and with their design teams. I have built a program around my methodology HUNT-IDENTIFY-GATHER using my experience in lecturing at leading universities, speaking at industry events and designing for leading brands. 


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I work with brands on a continuous cycle and become their eyes and ears for trends and innovation. My bespoke findings are delivered in confidential reports on a monthly or quarterly basis. This is for those seeking a long term approach to the trend intelligence they receive. 

By working continuously together, we are able to create a deep impact on design, marketing and future strategies. Companies opting for this solution have seen a business increase ranging from 20 to 48%. 


Starting at £200/ month*

> Trend feed of design trends researched specifically for your brand and market. The focus is on seasonal trends. I become your eyes and ears for primary and secondary research and support your team as an external trend expert giving you personal attention. 

> Monthly Tailored Commentary on how trends are shifting, what is emerging and why they are key for your  brand. Trend tracking is part of the package. I highlight the timing of trends as they emerge, reach influencer level and then how they are updated. 

Consultation sessions on Design direction and Brand Strategy  

*Quarterly options also available


Starting at £890/ month*



> Innovation Feed of consumer trends and cultural shifts on the micro trend level researched specifically for your brand and market. This is for the companies who want to stay competitive in market and consumer facing strategies. The Future is Here and to be around in 10 years, companies need to tackle future facing developments. This is why I offer this package as an additional layer of expertise so the brands I work with are not only aware of the key design trend, they are pre-empting behavioural, market and societal shifts. 

> 1 Tailored piece of research around the topic of your choice to gain visibility and direction for your business and creative strategy.

> 3 Consultation sessions on Design direction and Brand Strategy

*Quarterly options also available


Starting at £1290/ month*



> 1 In-House presentation designed around a key topic to unveil the most impactful trends and innovations for your business and creative strategy.

> 2.5 hour Innovation Workshop to dynamically determine future strategies for your business with creative inspiration, factual research and pragmatic solutions. This ensures team buy-in, brainstorm interaction and and unlocks new business opportunities. 

*Quarterly options also available




What is unique about Geraldine’s service is it’s very conceptual and creative. She gives an overall view of what’s going on in the world or fashion. If you’re a true creative or a true designer, artist or someone who is curious in life you’ll be able to take that and make it work for you.
Geraldine has been a huge asset to Mustard and has assisted with highlighting, reconfirming and guiding us through up and coming trends, plus she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend her enough!
Having worked very closely with Geraldine and collaborated with her on many trend reports as part of the womenswear future trends team at WGSN, I can highly recommend her both as a designer and trends forecaster. She has a fantastic eye, a wide ranging and in depth knowledge of art and design history and visual cultures and has an innate ability to spot trends. When working in a team she is collaborative, generous, receptive and engaging but is equally able to provide strong direction and leadership.
Geraldine has highlighted emerging and niche areas of London for us, taking us on unique storytelling journeys for inspiration, always with the discovery of a new spot, innovative idea or undiscovered item. She understands the parameters of our requests and thoughtfully delivers just the right mix of high and low, old and new, current and what’s next. And she’s always calm, intelligent and friendly, truly interested in our groups’ needs and always willing to partner and collaborate.
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Geraldine Wharry's global experience as a fashion designer and trend forecaster has led her to collaborate across the style industry in fashion, beauty, interiors, electronics, technology and retail. 

She has a record of accurately predicting trends and designing successful fashion collections through an unwavering ability to research and define what's new. This has helped her collaborators with successful product launches, trend foresight and best selling designs. 

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Moodboards, Research and more moodboards. Here I am being photographed for Grazia Uk in September 2015
Words we live by at the Studio and when working with clients.


/ 1994 - 1997 then 1998 - 1999: ECOLE DUPERRE - Textile design Bachelors + Post graduate degree


/ 2001 - 2004: TRIPLE FIVE SOUL - Designer of Womenswear

/ 1997 - 1998: PARSONS SCHOOL - Textile design full scholarship


/ 2008 - 2010: 7 FOR ALL MANKIND - Senior designer of Womenswear fashion denim & casualwear

/ 2005 - 2008: RIPCURL - Design Director of Womenswear

/ 2004 - 2005: CHIP & PEPPER / ECKO RED - Senior Designer of Mens and Womenswear


/ 2011 - present: GERALDINE WHARRY - Futurist and Designer 

/ 2011 - 2014: WGSN - Senior designer and trend forecaster of Womenswear