SS 2015 - Supernatural | Hybrid creatures and plants inspire a narrative message where modern andancient heroes are brought to life. Sci-fi stories inspire vibrantpattern andfinishes suggesting the outer space. Imaginary nature provokes creative garment constructions mimicking exhuberant plants. Here we celebrate the imagination of a lush and wild parallel world.

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VOODOO - Ritualistic traditions and multi-cultural folklore are projected into the future. A contemporary take on local legends updates decoration and traditional techniques with a new relevance. Spiritual meaning lays beneath abstract shapes and motifs whichtell ancient stories.

A new aesthetic is created which blends the old and new, the east and the west, resulting in a global hand crafted aesthetic.


1. Maiko Takeda | 2. Kanye West - Donda 2015 | 3. Madame Peripetie - Studio Peripetie | 4. Tattoo 2014 Men | 5. Pedro Friedeberg | 6. Tomas Berzins & Victoria Feldman for Show Studio | 7. Geraldine Wharry forecast