'Fashion Forecasting: Trend Hunting and Gathering' by Geraldine Wharry

'Fashion Forecasting: Trend Hunting and Gathering' by Geraldine Wharry


Do you want to integrate trend forecasting into your creative practice? Are you curious about the intriguing 'soft science' greatly impacting the style industry? Are you a student, consultant, educator, marketer or simply curious? 

'Fashion Forecasting: Trend Hunting and Gathering' my guide 📰  to the fundamentals of anticipating trends 💡 🔦 is now available. 

Learn the methodology I have been developing for years as a consultant for leading brands and trend agencies such as Wgsn, Stylus and universities such as London College of Fashion, Brighton University and the Institute of Design Barcelona. 

What will the journal go through methodically?
What makes a trend and how do trends develop?
The common confusions to avoid
/ Checklists and tools while creating a trend forecast
/ The Bigger Picture: the future of trend forecasting, its responsibilities in our current fashion landscape in terms of sustainability and creativity
/ My Hunting and Gathering methodology in 3 steps showing you (1) how and where to research, look for patterns, (2) how to edit and identify the key trends, (3) how to give trend direction and tell the story of the future


The guide is printed in high quality as a newspaper and 22 pages long. 

Original text and graphic design by Geraldine Wharry.

Please allow 10 business days to receive your copy if you are within the UK. 15 business days for international buyers. 

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