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How I Became a Futurist- Part 1

If I had been told in 1999 when I graduated from design school in Paris that 20 years later I would be a futurist, public speaker, writer and teacher, I never would have believed it. All I wanted was to be a fashion designer. But on the sinuous road of life, one opportunity led to another and today I am regularly asked: “how can I become a forecaster?”. I don’t have a straight forward answer for this. But it was my passion for research that helped evolve my career from designer to futurist.

This is a very personal mini-series about my path and it starts with talking about the importance of research in my life and why I teach what I know now.

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The tee shirt that helps cool down the planet

As part of Justdiggit's campaign, creatives and brands have been enlisted to spread the word about fighting deforestation. Out of this was born the fashion collaboration with Antoine Peters and the brand Kuyichi. The concept is simple: statement an organic tee shirts inspired by the Justdiggit's rehydration process.

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