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Is our title telling of what is going on here? Our goal of publishing a weekly edit of our research has not turned out to be so weekly! Sorry not sorry as your inboxes have probably been overcrowded with GDPR emails anyway. Well say no more, we are back! Enjoy this week's sound bytes, with a new layout. Let us know if you like it at



FUTURE SCENARIOS | Digital ethology is a fascinating future visualisation and graduation project by Corrine Van Grevenbrek. It builds on a future vision in which people interact with each other through digital outfits. Van Grevenbrek develops a series of thought provoking videos imagining a world where there will be a harmony between the realms of the digital, physical and everything that exists in between. One where all our transactions both human, financial and digital would flow seamlessly. 

ART + TECH | Augmented Reality Drawing with Artist Shantell Martin is a collaboration with Google using DrawAR. After creating several open-source experiments with ARCore, the app Just a Line enables users to make simple drawings in augmented reality, then share their creations with a short video. Developpers can use the open-sourced code as a starter project for ARCore. We were touched by the work of Shantell Martin and you can see other artworks in this video. And find out more about Just a Line app here

FASHION | We first discovered Irina Dzhus in 2015 at Ukraine Fashion Week whilst attending the event. She is one of the top talents emerging out of the fashion capital everyone is watching. 

For her Autumn Winter 2018 collection she continues to work with sculptural shapes inspired by cocoons. She creates systems both highly poetic and functional, infused with history, drama, workwear and tailoring influences. 

The AW 18 collection is titled Escapism "Facing today’s massive pressure of standards, cynical system and destructive rhythm of living, an ingenuously creative mind finds a transcendental way to survive." 

Find out more on her website and Instagram here.

Photo: Olga Nepravda - Styling: Irina Dzhus @ DZHUS Style Studio -


 Apollo 15 mission.  Photo NASA

 Apollo 15 mission. Photo NASA

PHILOSOPHY | In one of the most compelling articles we have recently read, Aeon contributor Gloria Orrigi explores how our relationship with knowledge is radically changing and potentially at risk. We are moving from the ‘information age’ towards the ‘reputation age’, in which information is valued based on who filters, evaluates and comments on it. How we form our opinions now relies on the judgments of other people, often personal and biased. Often people we do not know anything about, including their names, skills or achievements. They might even be bots, check your sources and read the full feature, food for thought. 

Photo: REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

Photo: REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

TECH + SUSTAINABILITY | Planning on investing in Bitcoin and an avid environmental activist? Think again. Bitcoin mining is now consuming more electricity than 159 countries Including Ireland & Most Countries In Africa. In this article by Eric Holthaus for Grist discusses the rise in popularity of crypto currencies and its devastating effects on energy consumption. Crypto currencies are fascinating indeed, but very toxic for our planet. As Hedge funds continue to pour billions into the new currencies, no one seems alarmed yet the speed at which Bitcoin's carbon footprint is growing is frightening.