The Not So Weekly Edit - May 2019


On the back of Earth Day, The Global Climate Change protests and Fashion Revolution Week, this month’s Edit will focus on all things Circular and Sustainable. Here is our compilation of resources and thought provoking articles.

Extinction Rebellion Protests in London April 2019. Photo credit: Geraldine Wharry

Extinction Rebellion Protests in London April 2019. Photo credit: Geraldine Wharry


GOVERNMENT | Climate Emergency has been declared in the UK following the Youth Climate and Extinction Rebellion protests. What’s next? Find out more here on VICE.

ENVIRONMENT | The UN released a major warning to humanity. The “Summary for Policymakers” created by 400 scientists warns, among other things, that up to a million species face extinction.

MANUFACTURING | Lobbying group A Plastic Planet, in partnership with London-based design studio Made Thought, has created the world's first Plastic-Free Trust Mark. Read more to see how you can add it to your products,

FASHION | Why Fast Fashion will never be sustainable. Read the excellent article by here.

FOOTWEAR | The world’s first fully recyclable sneaker is here, brought to you by Adidas.

HOUSEHOLD | Get the world’s first scientifically approved solution against microplastic pollution from laundry washing with GUPPY Friend.

MATERIALS | How to turn Cellulose into Garments and packaging labels? Discover the BRIA x SABINNA project and collaboration.

LEADERSHIP | You can join Former Vice President Al Gore at his next Climate Reality Leadership Corps training and learn how you can lead the global fight for climate solutions. Find out more here

AIR QUALITY | What’s the state of global air? Find out the facts here in the Global Air Report 2019.

READING LIST | The 5 Must Read books about climate change according to Mind Body Green are here.

FUTURE INSIGHTS | Do you want to understand Resource Scarcity better and why it will play a majour role in the future? Read this report by the Futures Centre.

CIRCULAR INNOVATION | A coalition of Giant brands has partnered with Loop to create the first fully circular grocery shopping service, soon to be launched in NY and Paris.

CONSCIOUS CONSUMER | You can now buy fully recyclable laundry, detergent and washing up essentials with Splosh’s delivery and refill service.