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Moto Racing: More than a Fashion trend

The perennial motorcycle-inspired trend seen on the catwalks and the streets is now reflecting a social shift in gender equality in sports and lifestyle. This development impacts a large array of fields such as art, fashion, retail design, lifestyle and entertainment, magnified by the growing community of female influencers on social media keen to share their passion for a traditionally male dominated world. 

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Fash-Art by Kathryn Carter

Trend forecasting meets fashion meets art in SERIES by Geraldine Wharry  

Kathryn Carter is a writer based in Sydney, Australia. Favouring inquisition into contemporary fashion practices, Carter employs investigation that is based on human character and unique artistry. For ‘Current Forecast: fash-art’ , Carter interviewed me in examination of SERIES #003, my multi-disciplinary project and collection soon to be on display in Paris.

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