The Weekly Edit


A week full of socio-political events grounded our research in the past 10 days. What can we say? Fashion more than ever is driven by experience, activism, emotion, life purpose. To understand and shape the future, we must look much farther than the next styling trend or influencer, we must understand the seismic shifts creating this complex landscape of a world we live in. And make no mistake: we are the ones shaping it, whether we want to or not, realise it or not, there is no space for passivity.  



Current affairs | Mind blowing... A fashion trend forecaster was the one to blow the whistle on Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. He showed the alt-right how to undermine democracy. What does that say about the manipulative nature of trend forecasting? 

World Sentiment | Possibly one of the most defining events of our decade, this week the March For Our Lives took place around the world. Time published a poignant photo and written diary of the Florida students' experience here. Quote: “Surviving is the easy part,” writes 14-year-old Caspen Becher, [...] “Learning to live again is the hard part.” -

Sustainability | The Global Fashion Agenda, a non-profit initiative on fashion sustainability founded in 2016 has published its first 'CEO Agenda' report, ahead of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Discover the seven priority initiatives senior managers in the fashion world should be taking seriously here. - GFA

Art | Are you as excited as we are  to head to the Tate Modern and discover Anthea Anderson's latest installation? Jonathan Anderson created the surreal costumes and continues to represent a great bridge builder between fashion and Art. Find out More here -  Another Mag.


Public Health | We are eating tons of plastic particles. Another obvious reason why we should all stop this ridiculous habit of drinking out of plastic bottles. And stop stocking them at events, offices, etc... They should be banned, just as much as plastic bags. 

Gender Topics | The world's first gender-neutral store just opened in Manhattan. Discover the Phluid Project here