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Gloves become a key accessory as we saw them emerge on the A/W 2017 catwalks and continue with emerging designers and editorials. 

Keep an eye out for this trend as it gains traction. This gives brands the opportunity to create pops of colour with the silhouette and play with both household items (think wash gloves or garden gloves), motorcycle or historic/ vintage references. 

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Pulse x Geraldine Wharry: A beginner's guide to Brand Strategy

As designers, makers, retailers and active members of the design industries, we don’t naturally want to feel hemmed in with words such as “brand strategy” which can sound like a military exercise, counter-intuitive to the creative process. But launching and maintaining a brand is a complex business. To ensure your long-term success, you need to follow through with the defining concept of your brand in all your operations.

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Vision 2017: Outdoor Eccentrics

Dressing for warmth, practicality and functionality often goes against the traditional "rules" of dressing and in the past has been linked to middle-aged mountaineers and outdoor sports aficionados/as, equipped with performance gear such as water-resistant parkas, polar fleece and duffle bags and pockets in all the right places.

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